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Hikari001 by hikarihyugagaara Hikari001 by hikarihyugagaara

OC Character story creation👇
Hyuga Hikari (ひゅがヒカリ)
born on April 1 Konona 50 year, Uchiha Shisui and daughter of Hyuga Seira.
When Hikari was born, the Uchiha family has tried to revolutionize, Shisui avoid her daughter was involved in this dispute,
Using the power of the demon cat with her chakura as the price, the seal of her Uchiha family of hatred force - yaringan.
And let her and Seira stay in the Hyuga clan, hide their identity with Uchiha in order to ensure that Hikari will not suffer Konaha's grant to Uchiha's sanctions.
At the age of three, he went to Sand Village with his father Shisui, where she met for the first time, Gaara. Volunteered to be a good friend of Gaara, told him that even if not in the same place, you can protect each other.
An accident, in order to protect friends Hikari, the first time to meet the demon cat, and the demon cat reached a resentment and the use of Ninjutsu agreement, untie Shisui seal. Open byaku gan, so enter the ninja school and continue practicing Ninjutsu with Neji.
Because of the outstanding talent of parents, early in the ninja school graduation, with the same age Taichi.Laiwa under the guidance of Annko, composed annbo training classes, the implementation of more difficult tasks.

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